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Referral FAQs

  • A tracking link is a unique web address that notifies our system when someone clicks it
  • When someone clicks your link, our system creates a 90 day "cookie"
  • If your referral signs up within 90 days, you get credit for the order
  • Log into the Referrals page to copy and paste your link
  • Share the link with your friends via Social Media (Facebook, etc)
  • Share the link to friends or colleagues via email
  • Share the link in a product review or in a blog post
  • Place the link on your website, in an article or as a banner
  • Yes, but ONLY if it is a double opt-in subscriber list (sign up, plus email verification)
  • Do NOT send unsolicited email to individuals or lists, as this is considered spam
  • Spammers will be removed and banned from our referral program, and forfeit all commissions
  • Our system sends a monthly email showing your referral commissions
  • You can also log into the Referrals page on our website
  • There you can view your clicks, order conversions, and commissions earned
  • The Referrals page also shows your tracking link, so you can copy and paste it
  • Our Refer-a-Friend program pays a 5% recurring commission
  • Our Partner program pays 5% to 10%, depending on annual referral volume
  • You earn a commission for as long as your referral stays signed up
  • The fixed referral rate applies to Service plans
  • Product commission rates vary from 0% to 10%, depending on product margin, not volume
  • We can manually link your referral orders to your account
  • You must let us know within 30 days of the order
  • Our system applies your commissions automatically
  • There is a 90 day validation delay, so referrals must remain signed up for at least 90 days
  • Once you have at least $100 in earned commissions, click the payout button to receive payment
  • You can let the amount accrue if you prefer, but we may go ahead and pay at any time
  • Payments will be mailed by company check to your registered name and address

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