voiSip FAQs

  • Clone Lines are just like Rollover Lines, but all with the same phone number
  • Example: With 2 Clone Lines, you can make or receive up to 2 separate, simultaneous phone calls
  • All voiSip Business and Residential Voice plans include 2 or more Clone Lines
  • Clone Lines are easy to add at any time, as your needs grow, for just $2/mo each
  • voiSip prices are based on Call Bandwidth, instead of Per Phone or Per Line
  • Call Bandwidth pricing is similar to Internet Bandwidth pricing... no "per device" fees
  • Select the amount of lines and minutes you want, and share it with your entire organization
  • Use your voiSip service with as many devices, in as many different locations, as you like
  • Our "one price" Cloud Phone System is a perfect addition to any voiSip Voice Plan
  • Yes! voiSip offers FREE number porting
  • voiSip can port-in about 98% of all US phone numbers
  • If you are in a rural area, contact us to make sure your number is portable
  • 100% FREE Overage, No Penalties, No Per Minute Fees
  • Clients may exceed their plan limit by up to 100% (double) once per 3 month period
  • A second overage within 3 months, simply requires a plan upgrade
  • Exceeding the limit by 200% (triple) also requires an upgrade
  • 24/7 Support Ticket System
  • 8/5 Online Chat Support
  • 8/5 Expert Phone Support
  • 8/5 Remote Support by Appointment
  • Pay Support also available for advanced configurations and popular network devices
  • 1 or 2 Line Adapters connect standard phones, or older analog phone systems
  • Cordless IP Phones work on their own, or with a pbx system
  • Corded IP Phones work best with a pbx system for "unification"
  • FreePBX Box adds numbered extensions, menus, call queues, call recording, and more
  • Cloud PBX adds the same, plus remote extensions, and stays online even if you lose power or internet
  • No Device is required at all, if you just want voicemail or orwarding
  • Softphone Apps for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone
  • PBX Software such as 3CX, Asterisk or FreePBX
  • IP Phones from Aastra, Cisco, Digium, Grandstream, Polycom, Yealink and more
  • Video and Conference Phones
  • PA Systems, Loudspeakers and Ring Sirens
  • Any other SIP compatible app or device
  • No Device is required at all, if you just want voicemail or forwarding

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