Cloud Phone System

Unlimited Extensions
Connect from Anywhere

  • UNLIMITED Local Extensions
  • UNLIMITED Remote Extensions
  • UNLIMITED Cellular Extensions
  • No "Per Phone" Fees

Cloud Advantages

Feature Highlights

  • Email Audio Delivery (.wav file) to your inbox
  • Instant SMS TXT message notification
  • Local mailbox access from your voiSip phone
  • Remote mailbox access from an outside line or cell phone
  • Create your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus
  • Allow callers to dial extensions or choose menu options
  • Direct callers to Queues, Ring Groups, Announcements, Sub-menus, etc
  • Use Time & Date conditions to send callers to alternate menus
  • Redirect calls based on Time & Date of call
  • Create separate IVR menus for after hours, weekends, and holidays
  • Provide special messages or instructions to callers
  • Schedule a different "on call" person for different days of the week
  • Queue up callers rather than sending them to voicemail
  • Callers can hear hold music, or your custom advertisement recordings
  • System can announce position in queue, and estimated wait time
  • Create "break out" menus so callers can leave a message or other options
  • Play announcements to caller, or your agent, about which queue was selected
  • Use the Intercom feature to make a quick announcement to a co-worker
  • Use the Paging (group intercom) to send messages to multiple extensions
  • This works great as a type of whole office PA system
  • Use these features to keep track of menu choices, etc
  • Set a custom Ring Tone for different choices or languages
  • Add a Caller ID Prefix to indicate caller menu choices
  • Ring your desk extension, along with other destinations, such as your cell phone
  • Set your extension to ring a co-worker extension while you are away
  • Create a "Virtual" extension that rings only your cell phone
  • Use the virtual extension in menus and call transfers
  • Allow your users (or not) to connect to their own, private control panel
  • Set features like Do Not Disturbe, email delivery address, number of rings, etc
  • Modify your Follow Me settings, or enable Call Forwarding
  • Manage your Mailbox... listen, download, forward or delete messages
  • Create Virtual Conference Rooms that allow multiple callers at once
  • Unlimited inside extension participants, so your whole office can join in
  • Allow as many outside callers as you have outside lines (extra lines @ $2/mo)
  • Create multiple conference rooms to allow different, simultaneous meetings
  • This feature is in addition to normal 3 way conferencing, also included
  • Recordings can be use for training, order accuracy, or liability purposes
  • Individual control to Force, Allow or Block recording on any Extension or Ring Group
  • Recording files can be played back, downloaded, or deleted
  • Call Transfer with Blind or Attended option
  • Call Park, Call Pickup (from any extension, aka Hot Seat)
  • Call Screening (caller must speak their name)
  • Call Flow Control, similar to Time/Date, but manual override control
  • Dictation feature records your message and emails it to you
  • Inbound Call Routing based on Caller ID, or Called Number (DID)
  • Speaking Clock function to quickly hear the current time
  • Hundreds of additional star codes, features, settings and options
  • FREE System Updates, with new features added or improved regularly

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