Your Phone Number

Multiple Clone Lines

Unlimited Extensions

Nationwide Phone Service

Voice - eFax - Toll Free

$4.99/mo and up

Stop paying "per phone" or "per line".

Save up to 80% by switching to

a voiSip "clone line" plan.

Standard Features

Included with all voiSip service plans.

  • 2 to 96 “clone lines” per phone number
  • Unlimited phones, no “per user” fees
  • Unlimited locations (unify w/ PBX)
  • Nationwide Calling (US and Canada)
  • Keep your existing number(s),
    or add new numbers in any area code
  • Voicemail Email Audio Delivery
  • Voicemail SMS Instant Notification
  • Simultaneous Ring / Follow Me
  • Telemarketer Blocking Service
  • Call Waiting w/ Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding (general or selective)
  • Call Routing and Blocking
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • Online Feature Control Panel
  • Failover for power or internet outages
  • E911 Service w/ user managed address
  • Use existing phones, or latest phones
  • Supports any SIP phone or software
  • Supports Asterisk, FreePBX, etc
  • Pricing includes federal taxes and fees
  • Dozens of additional features
voiSip standard voice service plans
start at just $4.99/mo

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Optional PBX Features

Added by our Cloud or Digital PBX
  • One voiSip PBX unifies any, and all,
    locations, extensions, and cell phones
  • Unlimited Phones and Extensions
    (no more "per phone" pricing)
  • Unlimited Trunks and Numbers
  • Unlimited Voicemail Boxes
  • Custom Automated Attendant Menus
  • Private Virtual Conference Rooms
  • Call time/date routing rules
  • Call Recording (up to storage limits)
  • Music on Hold w/ custom uploads
  • Advanced Simul. Ring / Follow Me
  • Call Park / Pickup
  • Blind / Attended Transfers
  • Ring Groups w/ Memory Hunt
  • Call Queues w/ Position and Time
  • Intercom (1 way or duplex)
  • Group Intercom / Paging
  • Visual Live Operator Panel 
  • Hundreds of additional features

$29.99/mo : Cloud PBX Service
$299.99 : Digital PBX System

Cloud PBX recommended for multiple locations

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All voiSip voice plans include...

  • 2 to 96 "Clone Lines"
  • Unlimited Phones/Extensions
  • No monthly "per phone" fees

Simply choose the plan that fits your monthly "call bandwidth" needs, including all local and remote users.

$5.99/mo : 2 lines, 125 minutes (minimal use)
$7.99/mo : 2 lines, 250 minutes
$11.99/mo : 2 lines 500 minutes
$14.99/mo : 2 lines 750 minutes (typical household)
$17.99/mo : 2 lines 1000 minutes
$22.99/mo : 2 lines 1500 minutes
$27.99/mo : 3 lines 2000 minutes (typical small biz)
$44.99/mo : 4 lines 3500 minutes
$64.99/mo : 8 lines 5000 minutes (typical small office)
$99.99/mo : 8 lines 8000 minutes
$139.99/mo : 16 lines 12k minutes
$199.99/mo : 16 lines 18k minutes
$299.99/mo : 24 lines 27k minutes

Add numbers for $2.99 - $4.99/mo each
Add "clone lines" for $2.00/mo each

Larger plans available, up to 96 lines


voiSip began in 1996 as a web hosting and network service company.

Within a few years, we began using VoIP to improve our own internal communications, and to save money.

In 2008, we started sharing our VoIP solution with select clients, and quickly realized the potential.

In 2010, voiSip was officially launched, offering VoIP products and services nationwide.

Since that time, voiSip has grown quickly, creating partnerships with top manufacturers and carriers, evolving into a leading VoIP service provider.


Our network currently traverses 15 data centers in the US, Canada and Europe.

voiSip works with a variety of phones, devices, and software...


Use a voiSip Adapter to connect Standard Phones.


Digital IP

Perfect for your Home or Small Business.


Digital or
cloud PBX

Unlimited local or remote extensions, IVR, more!



For Android, iPhone,  Windows, Mac & Linux



Use any SIP device, such as the latest Video Phones