voiSip Phones & Equipment 

Learn more about our equipment options below.

voiSip digital phone service requires High Speed Internet service such as Fiber, Cable or DSL, available from any local provider.

VoIP Soft Phone - FREE!

softphoneInstall FREE Soft Phone software on your PC, Mac or Smartphone (iPhone/Android).

Works with a Headset, Webcam, or built-in Microphone & Speakers.

We recommend USB headsets by Cyber Accoustics, Jabra, Logitech, Microsoft, Plantronics and Sennheiser.

Soft Phones can also be used as extensions with a voiSip Digital Phone System.

Soft Phone: FREE

VoIP Adapters - $29.99 and up

a voiSip analogvoiSip Analog Adapter lets you use plain old Telephones, Wall Jacks and Phone Systems.

Enjoy voiSip savings right away, with minimal equipment costs.

Choose our 1 or 2 line adapter.  4 and 8 line adapters also available by special order.

1 Line Adapter: $29.99
2 Line Adapter: $39.99


VoIP Phones - $64.99 and up

C610A-bundle-transCorded VoIP Phones provide maximum features, especially when combined with a voiSip Phone System.

Phone System is optional, but highly recommended for "unification" of 2 or more phones.


Cordless VoIP Phones work great with voiSip Residential or Business service, no Phone System necessary.

The Base Station (Antenna) has voiSip technology built right in.  So you get the highest Digital Call Quality, with no separate adapter required.  

They can also be used as cordless extensions with a voiSip Phone System. 

We offer several models by Grandstream (China), Panasonic (Japan) and Yealink (China).


voiSip Cloud Phone System - Now Available!

voiSip Cloud Phone System, code name "Nebula", works with any voiSip service plan as a virtual, or hosted, phone system.

For a limited time only, lock in at a special price for this exciting new service.

Nebula Cloud Phone System: $29.99/mo*

*requires 12 month prepay commitment, regular price $34.99/mo


Nebula Cloud Phone System requires any voiSip voice service plan (sold separately)

VoIP Digital Phone System - $999 $499 and up Special Offer for new customers!

2000 Series IP PBX Combo transThe voiSip Digital Phone System is a game changer in the VoIP industry.  

It is a small footprint, dual core system that makes virtually no sound, and uses about 15 watts.

The system costs less than $1000, yet supports up to 32 simultaneous calls, and unlimited local, remote or cellular extensions, while including hundreds of amazing features. 

It also supports a variety of phones, including Desk Phones, Cordless Phones, VoIP Adapters, and even FREE Soft Phones for your PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Get a voiSip Digital Phone System for $999.  ($499 with promo)
Use promo code during check out.  Requires new voiSip business service activation.


DIY VoIP PBX Software - FREE!

PBXDashboard220CroppedOn a tight budget? Consider FREE PBX Software, such as 3CX that runs on your Windows PC, or Elastix which runs on a dedicated system (or even a virtual machine).

Use a variety of VoIP devices, such as Desk Phones, Cordless Phones, Analog Adapters, and even FREE Soft Phone software for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.

If you are comfortable with VMware and .iso files, you can install your own software PBX for free. 

Or sign up for expert, remote installation and configuration, starting at just $29.99.


3rd Party Software

3CX Software PBX for Windows  

Get FREE PBX software for Windows.  (Free version supports up to 4 lines.)  

Advanced versions (with support for more lines) are available for purchase directly from voiSip.

3CX Website     3CX Software Pricing

Asterisk Software PBX for Linux or VMWare

voiSip works great with Asterisk and its many derivatives such as FreePBX, SwitchVox, etc.  

We can provide SIP Trunk settings to get you connected right away.

Note: VMWare PBXs work great for evaluation purposes, or in small office, home office environments.  However, for the most reliable experience, we highly recommend a dedicated server or a voiSip Digital Phone System (see above).

3rd Party Hardware

3rdpartydevices 150x150Use a variety of VoIP Adapters, Phones, Systems and Software from brands like 3CX, Aastra, Cisco, Counterpath, Digium, Gigaset, Panasonic, Polycom, Talkswitch, Yealink and more.  

Asterisk and FreePBX based phone systems also work great with voiSip service.

Just look for compability with the voiSip (SIP) protocol.

If you wish to use an adapter from your previous VoIP service, be sure the device is "unlocked".  Otherwise, it cannot be reprogrammed for voiSip.

Below is a list with links to just a few voiSip compatible, 3rd party device and software websites.

To verify compatibility, please Contact Us.

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