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Does voiSip offer "Unlimited" plans?

Research (and logic) indicates that no one makes an infinite amount of calls.  That led us to rethink the traditional pricing model.

Many telco services offer "one phone, single line, unlimited minute" plans… but that pricing model quickly gets expensive.

Instead, voiSip offers multiple lines, and unlimited extensions, with no “per user” or “per extension” fees.  voiSip prices include all federal taxes, fees and 911 service... no so-called "recovery" fees, or other nasty surprises.

In short, voiSip's pricing model presents customers an opportunity to get more features, multiple lines, and significant savings.

Example, a traditional service might offer 3 unlimited lines for $25/mo each, plus another $8 per line in taxes, for a total of $99/mo.

voiSip offers a 3 line, 2000 minute plan for just $27.99/mo, including all federal taxes, fees and 911 service. That’s an annual savings of over $850. The vast majority of 3 line customers won’t use more than about 1200 to 1500 minutes anyway. And since voiSip supports unlimited users, our 3 line plan allows for 4 or more extensions, not just 3.

Expand the example to 4 lines, and the annual savings is $1044 with voiSip. At 8 lines, the annual savings is $2388. So the voiSip savings increase for larger offices.

Our feature and equipment set is also more robust than the competition, which makes voiSip more attractive at any price.

What if I go over my plan's limit?

Most customers have a monthly minute usage variance of less than 10%. So voiSip allows a generous 50% to 100% free overage, with no penalties or per minute fees, once per 3 months. This allows you to go over during a busy month, without worrying about overage fees.

If you go over the plan limit twice in 3 months, that suggests your usage pattern has increased, and simply requires an upgrade to an appropriately sized plan... which is why we have so many plans, to fit any size customer.

What else makes voiSip different?

voiSip offers many unique features, such as "Clone Lines", which allow multiple simultaneous calls, even at different locations, using a single phone number.

voiSip does not charge "per user" or "per extension". Just select a plan that fits your simultaneous calling and minute usage needs.

voiSip also offers eFax, Toll Free and Cloud Numbers.

And since voiSip has a wide range of phone equipment options, we can offer better-fit solutions to our customers.

How is voiSip better?

voiSip features Clone Lines... multiple lines that share the same phone number... no more confusing rollover numbers.

voiSip works with a wide range of VoIP adapters, phones, systems and software... you're not locked into a single device.

voiSip allows the use of 3rd party devices that support the voiSip (SIP) protocol.

voiSip prices include ALL federal taxes and fees, including 911 service... no "recovery" fees or other surprises.

voiSip offers a wide array of Standard and Advanced features, like Voicemail to Email, Find Me / Follow Me, and more.

voiSip offers substantial savings compared to traditional telcos, and even compared to other voip providers.
Examples: 3 line 2000 minute plan, $24.99/mo and up.  

Can I make calls to and from regular phone numbers (PSTN calling)?

Yes, of course!

voiSip is connected to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). 

Make calls just as you always have.

All calls in the continental US and Canada are considered "local", and are included up to your plan limits.  

International calls have a separate pool of minutes (see "International Calling Points).  

Will there be any extra fees on my bill?

Customers in Texas pay local sales tax.

All other Federal Taxes and Fees, including USF fees, 911 service fees, etc, are included in our pricing.

voiSip pays the same Federal Taxes and Fees as other services.  We just include those costs in our low base pricing, rather than surprising you with them later.

It is important to note that Recovery Fees are "allowed" by law, not "required" by law.  Many phone services "recover" 3 times what they actually pay in fees.

Why is it called voiSip?

voiSip (pronounced "voy sip") is a combination of VoIP (Voice over Interet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

Our name embodies our goal of combining One-Stop-VoIP-Shop simplicity, with cutting edge SIP capabilities such as video calling.

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How do I order voiSip?

You may order online, 24/7, via our secure SSL protected shopping cart.

Or order by phone, 9am to 5pm (ET), M-F, at 1-800-VOISIP-9, that's 1-800-864-7479.

When ordering, you'll select if you want a new phone number, or if you want to transfer a number from your current service.

You can add Equipment and Services, then view your Cart and checkout when ready.

If you need help, look for the voiSip Web Agent image on our website.

How do I transfer my phone number(s) to voiSip?

When ordering your voiSip service, select the option to "Transfer a Number". 

Once your order has been accepted, you will receive instructions and transfer documents. Fill out, sign and submit the documents, along with a recent copy of your phone bill.

voiSip will submit the transfer paperwork to a Number Porting Agency.

There is usually a 1 to 3 day waiting period while the Number Porting Agency works with the previous carrier to set a "porting date", which is the date the number will be transferred. 

The porting date can be another 1 to 30 days, but is typically about 5 to 10 business days.

You will continue receiving inboud calls on your previous service, right up until the porting date. This gives us plenty of time to connect voiSip equipment.

You will also be able to make outbound calls using both voiSip AND the previous carrier's line.

On the porting date, your number will instantly transfer to voiSip.  From that point, all IN and OUT calls will be made with voiSip service.

Do NOT cancel your previous service until you have verified that your number has been completely ported to voiSip.

How long does it take to get voiSip?

We can activate a NEW number in 1 business day, often the SAME business day for orders placed before Noon CST.

Number Transfers usually take 1 to 10 business days, depending on losing carrier, but can take up to 30 days.

Can I try voiSip before making a committment?


Just order our smallest plan, US 250, and we'll setup a new, temporary number for you to use.  This will allow you to test voiSip service with a FREE Soft Phone, or you can arrange to order equipment for testing as well.

If you determine voiSip is right for you, you can continue using the new number, or transfer another number. Then just upgrade your voiSip service plan to one that fits your more permanent needs.

Otherwise, you may cancel the service at any time.  We do not require any long term commitments or contracts.

Please ask your voiSip rep for details regarding equipment trial periods and return requirements.

Why does my initial payment look higher or lower than expected?

We prorate our billing to the 1st of each month.  

So your first payment always includes the current, partial month, plus at least one whole month.

Subsequent recurring payments will be for whole months, and will be as expected.

Does voiSip offer a prepayment discount?

Yes, customers may pay in advance for 3 or more months of service to receive a reduced rate.

Please open a Support Ticket if you would like to modify your billing cycle to take advantage of this discount.

What are my payment options?

Automatic Credit Card Payment is the recommended payment option, and is standard for all customers with a monthly balance of less than $200.

Customers with a monthly balance of at least $200 may request to pay by company check.  However, we highly recommend using Automatic Credit Card Payments to avoid any disruption of service.


What do I need?

To use voiSip service, you need just 3 things...

1. High Speed Internet service from any local provider.  We recommend (in preferred order) Fiber, Cable or DSL.

2. voiSip (SIP) compatible phone, phone system, phone adapter or software.

3. voiSip service.

  • Residential Voice plans start at $5.99/mo
  • Business Voice plans start at $9.99/mo
  • eFax and Toll Free plans start at $4.99/mo

Can I use my existing phones or phone system?

In most cases, our phone adapters allow you to connect home wall jacks, analog phones and analog phone systems to voiSip service.

What is not included?

You'll need to obtain high-speed, broadband Internet service from a local provider.

Tell us your address and we can recommend the best options in your area.

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More about Numbers, Lines & Extensions

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, we can transfer your US phone number to voiSip in most major (tier 1 and tier 2) market areas.

There may be some rural or co-op (tier 3) service areas where we are unable to transfer numbers.  In these cases, we suggest getting a new, fully portable number in a nearby tier 1 or tier 2 area.

Can I send faxes?


voiSip includes a FREE SendFAX feature with all phone service plans.  Sending faxes is also easy.  Log into our website, browse for the file you want to send, enter a 10 digit number, and click Send Fax.

And for incoming faxes, our optional eFax service provides a dedicated fax number, which receives faxes, converts them to .PDF files, and delivers them to your email inbox.  eFAX is a low cost fax solution, perfect for customers who want a fax line, but prefer to avoid the expense of a land-line, not to mention paper and ink costs.

If you prefer to use a standard, analog fax machine, many customer have excellent results using voiSip service with our analog adapter.  However, we cannot guarantee that analog faxing will work in every case.

Note 1: SendFax capability is included with voiSip calling plans as a free feature.  You only need eFax service if you require a dedicate incoming fax number.

Note 2: To send hand printed documents, you will need a scanner (not included) to save documents into your PC before faxing.

Note 3: If you frequently need to sign documents, we recommend NitroPDF Reader, a free tool that lets you "rubber stamp" signatures onto digital documents, eliminating the need to print a hard copy to sign.

Do you offer Toll Free Numbers?


Toll Free Numbers begin with 800, 888, 877, 866 or 855.  These special number allow callers from anywhere in the US to reach you without paying Long Distance charges. 

voiSip offers Toll Free plans to fit your anticipated call volume.  For an additional fee, we can provide special "Vanity Numbers" with easy to remember words or letters.

What is a Cloud Number?

Cloud Numbers simply forward to a main voiSip number.  Cloud numbers can be within the same local area, in another city, or in a different state. 

Businesses use Cloud Numbers to establish a virtual presence, such as having a New York or Los Angeles number that fowards to your physical business in Atlanta, or perhaps some tropical island outside the U.S. 

Residential customers may keep a Cloud Number back in their home town, so friends and family can easily reach them.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

NOTE: Cloud Numbers require a primary voiSip account/number to which calls will be forwarded.

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Phone Industry Secrets

Secret 1: 

Recovery Fees are allowed by law, not required by law. 

voiSip prices include ALL Federal Taxes and Fees, including USF, e911, etc.

Always consider these extra fees when comparing prices.

Customers in Texas will pay sales tax, and that's it.

Secret 2: 

"Bundling" doesn't save as much as switching to voiSip

Bundles help disguise extra taxes and so called "recovery" fees (see Secret 1).

Bundles often include introductory rates that expire without notice, and without you noticing.

In short, even after "unbundling", you're still likely to save more with voiSip, while enjoying more features.

Send us a copy of your current bill and we'll help you decypher it.

Secret 3: 

Average residential phone use is less than 470 minutes per month, often far less.

Phone companies know that only about 1 in 20 customers make enough calls to benefit from an "Unlimited" calling plan.

And even then, most "unlimited" calling plans have limits hidden within the terms of service fine print.

You can save a LOT of money, and get more features, by choosing a limited minute plan rather than an unlimited plan.

voiSip gives you more features and multiple lines, with a minute package that fits your actual needs.

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