Information & FAQ

Section 1: voiSip Info & Advantages

What is voiSip?

voiSip is a high performance, digital telephone service.

Our name comes from the combination of VoIP + SIP, two technologies that are fundamental to our service.

voiSip is available to business and residential clients in the continental United States.

Why should I choose voiSip?

voiSip's unique price structure is based on "call bandwidth", rather than "per line" or "per phone".

Call bandwidth refers to the number of lines and minutes needed by your entire organization.

This allows you to select the smallest service plan that fits your call volume needs.

Example 1: Our smallest plan is a 2 line, 125 minute plan, at just $5.99/mo ($4.99/mo with prepay option).

Example 2: Our popular 3 line, 2000 minute, small biz plan, is just $27.99/mo ($24.99/mo with prepay option).

3 lines means 3 simultaneous conversations, but you are not limited to 3 phones.  

You can have as many phones or extensions as your equipment allows, but in the above example, only 3 could be on an outside call at one time.

What else makes voiSip better?

voiSip has several distinct advantages over other VoIP and Telco providers...

  • Clone Lines - One phone number can be "cloned" to multiple lines.  Clone Lines are like rollover or hunt lines, but all with the same phone number. Clone Lines are less confusing, instantly upgradeable, and cost less.  All voiSip voice plans come with at least 2 Clone Lines, and can be expanded up to 96 lines on a single number.
  • Unlimited Locations - Register and use a single phone number on multiple phones or devices. You can even register a single number at multiple locations, such as a branch office or vacation home.  They all ring at once.  Just answer wherever you happen to be.
  • Unlimited Extensions - voiSip service plans include 1 number, multiple clone lines, and unlimited extensions (up to the limits of your phone equipment). No more "per phone" or "per line" billing. So you are free to put additional phones or extensions anywhere you like... even in remote locations, like a remote office or telecommuter.  Need equipment?  voiSip offers cloud and on-premise phone systems as well.
  • Own Your Equipment - voiSip lets you purchase and use any telephony equipment you like. You can change your equipment, or upgrade, at any time.  Not sure what you need?  voiSip offers a cordless phone system for 1 to 5 users, and affordable phone systems for 1 to 100 users.
  • Cloud Phone System - voiSip offers "Nebula", our cloud hosted phone system for 1 to 100 users, across one or more locations.  Add Nebula to any voiSip service plan for a single, low monthly fee, regardless of how many phones you have.
  • Taxes Included - voiSip prices include ALL federal taxes, fees and 911 service. No so called "recovery fees" or other surprises on your bill.  Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax.

How much can I save with voiSip?

Our clients often save up to 80% with voiSip, compared to landline and many other VoIP services.

Estimate your monthly call volume (call bandwidth), select a plan, then compare that to your current bill.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes. In most cases, you can "port" your home or business number to voiSip. Just check the "transfer my number" box during signup, and we'll send instructions.

Can I get a new phone number?

Yes. We can activate a new number in 98% of the continental US.  Just indicate your preferred City, State and Area Code in the order notes during checkout.

Can I use my existing phones or phone system?

Yes. voiSip sells an analog voip adapter on our website that lets you use standard 1 or 2 line phones or systems.  

You can also purchase adapters with 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 48, or more lines, from 3rd party sources like Amazon.  Cisco and Grandstream are popular brands.

For business, we recommend either an IP phone or phone system, over analog adapters.  IP systems are more powerful and reliable.

If you already have IP phones, and they can be "unlocked", you can likely use them with voiSip.  Make sure they support the SIP protocol.  And you'll likely need to add a PBX system to "unify" the phones.  voiSip offers a hosted "cloud" system, or you can buy a system from voiSip or a 3rd party.

Upgrading to a new IP phone, or phone system, provides many advantages, and lets you experience the full range of voiSip features and clarity.  

What kind of VoIP phones or devices can I use?

The voiSip (SIP) protocol is supported by hundreds of VoIP devices... adapters, phones, video phones, software, PBX systems, and more.

Some popular softphones include Xlite, Bria, CSIPSimple and others.

Popular phone system software includes 3CX, Asterisk, and our favorite, FreePBX (we offer FreePBX servers).

We highly recommend Yealink brand IP phones, but you can also use Aastra, Cisco, Digium, Panasonic, Polycom, etc.

Again, anything that supports SIP should work.  

Keep in mind that in addition to phones, you may also need an IP phone system to "unify" all the phones.  If you're not sure, please ask us.

So whether you are looking for home or business phone service, voiSip is the way to go!

What are the system requirements for using voiSip?

voiSip digital phone service works with any high speed internet service such as Cable, DSL or Fiber, available from your local provider.

Each "live" conversation uses only about 100kbps (0.1mbps) of upload AND download bandwidth.  

Just make sure that if you have other high bandwidth apps or devices, that you throttle or prioritize your network traffic.  Most call quality issues are related to network congestion caused by bandwidth hogging apps and devices, such as security cams, online backup, etc.  

Offices with more than 5 or 6 users should consider getting 2 separate internet circuits instead of a single large circuit... one for data, one for voice. This allows data traffic to run unthrottled, without interferring with your voice traffic.

We do not recommend using voiSip over satellite or mobile broadband internet such as 3G or 4G networks.  They are fast, but "laggy".  5G will likely work, but test first.

Which voiSip plan should I use?

To determine which voiSip plan you need to estimate your monthly call volume.

You can do that by looking at your recent call history reports, or you can estimate your call volume as follows.

A typical call is about 3 minutes.  So if you made and received 20 calls in a day, that's probably about 60 minutes per day.

Multiple that by number of business days per month, such as 25, to get number of minutes per month.  So 60 x 25 = 1500 in our example.

If your estimate is close to a plan's limit, we recommend choosing one plan larger, because you're likely to love using your voiSip service.  

What if I go over my call limit?  Are there any overage penalties or fees?

No worries. voiSip allows 100% (double) overage, once per 3 month period, with no penalties or per minute fees.

If you go over the limit twice in a 3 month period, we simply require an upgrade to the appropriately sized plan.

If you exceed the limit by more than 100% (double), we also require an upgrade at that time.

Example, with our 2000 minute plan, you could go up to 4000 minutes, with no penalties or fees.

Less than 1% of our users exceed their limit in a three month period, and only a small fraction of those go over twice, requiring an upgrade.

Monthly variation in call volume is typically around plus or minus 10%.  So once you are in the right sized plan, there's little to worry about.

What if I go way over my call limit?  Can I make unlimited calls?

To prevent excessive overage, exceeding the call limit by 200% (triple), triggers a hard limit, which causes the line to go temporarily busy, and requires an immediate upgrade to a larger plan.  

Example, with a 2000 minute plan, you could go up to 6000 minutes before reaching the hard limit.

This usually only happens during the first month of service, such as a user testing a small plan, then making more calls than anticipated.

Monthly variation in call volume is typically around plus or minus 10%.  So it is extremely rare for a legitimate user to reach the hard limit.  

Why doesn't voiSip offer "per line", "per phone", or "unlimited" plans?

voiSip wants to save you money. So rather than charging a one-size-fits-all price, our prices are based on "call bandwidth", that is, the maximum number of lines and minutes (per month) needed by your entire organization.

This is much like buying Internet bandwidth, where you select a speed, and connect as many devices and users as you want.  

Likewise, with voiSip, you select a voice plan (bundle of lines and minutes), then share that with unlimited phones and users.

Example, our popular 3 line, 2000 minute, small biz plan is just $27.99/mo ($24.99/mo with prepay). It supports 3 simultaneous calls, and unlimited users/extensions (up to limits of your phone equipment).

Compare that with other voip services that charge $25 to $50/mo per line, or per phone.  With just 3 lines or phones, you'd be hitting around $100 or more.

What other taxes and fees will be on my bill?

If you are in Texas, you will see 8.25% sales tax.

Other than that, there are no additional "recovery" fees, "fund" fees, "911" fees, etc.

No surprises or mystery fees.

Want to see your total price?  Just add a plan to our shopping cart, and it will show your total monthly payment.  

Add your Texas zip code to see the sale tax.

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Section 2: voiSip Equipment Options

Learn more about our equipment options below.

FREE Soft Phone Software

softphoneFREE Soft Phone software for your PC, Mac or Smartphone (iPhone/Android).

Works with a Headset, Webcam, or built-in Microphone & Speakers.

We recommend USB headsets by Jabra, Logitech, Microsoft, Plantronics and Sennheiser.

Soft Phones can also be used as extensions with a voiSip Digital Phone System.

Soft Phone: FREE

voiSip Phone Adapters

a voiSip analogvoiSip Analog VoIP Adapter lets you use plain old Telephones, Wall Jacks or Phone Systems.

Choose our 1 or 2 line adapter.  4 and 8 line adapters also available by special order.

1 Line Adapter: $29.99
2 Line Adapter: $39.99

voiSip Cordless Phones

YealinkW56 150voiSip Cordless VoIP Phones work great with voiSip Residential or Business service.

The Base Station (Antenna) has voiSip technology built right in.  So you get the highest Digital Call Quality, with no separate adapter required.  

We offer several phones, or you can buy from a 3rd party source.

4 Line Cordless Starter Kit (VoIP Base w/ 1 Handset):$149.99
4 Line Expansion Handset (5 Handsets Max per Base): $79.99

voiSip Digital Phone Systems

2000 Series IP PBX Combo transvoiSip Digital Phone System is an absolute game changer in the VoIP industry.  

Our "on premise" system is a 5" x 5" x 3" box that is virtually silent and uses about 15 watts.

The system starts at $299.99 and up (voiSip service required), supports up to 32 simultaneous calls, unlimited extensions, and includes dozens of amazing features (see brochure). Extensions can be voiSip Desk Phones, voiSip Cordless Phones, voiSip Adapters, 3rd Party VoIP Phones, Cellular Phones, and even FREE Soft Phones for your PC, Mac or Smartphone.

HERE for pricing and ordering.

voiSip Cloud Phone Systems ("Nebula")

voiSip offers a fully hosted phone system, known as "Nebula".

Nebula allows you to easily register remote phones, and perform remote configurations.

Nebula is based on the world's most powerful phone system software, Asterisk and FreePBX.

The feature list is extensive, and includes everything you could wish for, and then some.

  • Customizable IVR Menus (dial 1 for this or that)
  • Time Schedules (closed for holidays or weekends)
  • Custom Music on Hold
  • Ring Groups and Call Queues (you are caller number 3 in line)
  • Call Recording (on demand or pre-determined)
  • Call Parking and Pickup
  • Intercom and Group Intercom/Paging (turn your phones into an office PA system)
  • Busy Lamp (your phones can show busy status of coworkers)
  • Advanced Voice Mail, with email audio delivery, and sms notification
  • Plus hundreds of other features, which are constantly upgraded

HERE for pricing and ordering

3rd Party Software Phone Systems

3CX Software PBX for Windows  

Get FREE PBX software for Windows.  (Free version supports up to 4 simultaneous calls.)  

Advanced versions (with support for more lines) are available for purchase directly from voiSip.

3CX Website     3CX Software Pricing

Asterisk Software PBX for Linux or VMWare

voiSip works great with Asterisk, Elastix, PiaF, SwitchVox, etc.  

We can provide SIP Trunk settings to get you connected right away.

Run your own server, or go with a pre-configured voiSip Digital Phone System (see above).

3rd Party Equipment

3rdpartydevices 150x150Use a variety of VoIP Adapters, Phones, Systems and Software from brands like 3CX, Aastra, Cisco, Counterpath, Digium, Gigaset, Panasonic, Polycom, Talkswitch, Yealink and more.  

Asterisk and FreePBX based phone systems also work great with voiSip service.

Just look for compability with the voiSip (SIP) protocol.

If you wish to use an adapter from your previous VoIP service, be sure the device is "unlocked".  Otherwise, it cannot be reprogrammed for voiSip.

Below is a list with links to just a few voiSip compatible, 3rd party device and software websites.

To verify compatibility, please Contact Us.

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Section 3: voiSip Features Summary

Enjoy ALL of the following features with ANY voiSip voice plan!

Advanced Voicemail

voiSip's Advance Voicemail System gives you the flexibility you need to record and retrieve messages several ways.

  • Dial 1-2-3 from your phone and follow the prompts to check voicemail.  Choose option 5 to record your greetings.
  • Dial your number from a remote phone, press 0 during the greeting, then enter your access code when prompted.
  • Voicemail Audio Attachments can be forwarded to your email inbox using "My Features" control panel.
  • Voicemail TXT alerts can also be sent to your cellular phone using "My Features" control panel.
  • View and listen to voicemail from any computer's web browser using the "My Features" control panel.
  • NOTE: If you have a phone or phone system with built-in voicemail, you can still use voiSip Advanced Voicemail for Failover in case of power or internet outages.

    Clone Lines

    Clone Lines allow you to make multiple simultaneous calls with a single phone number, and a single voiSip plan.  

    All voiSip phone service plans come with at least 2 Clone Lines (total), and can be upgraded as high as 96 Clone Lines.

    Unlimited SIP Registrations

    Clone Line technology is great. But take it a step further by allowing numbers and lines to be shared across multiple locations.  

    For example, you can have your voiSip phone number simultaneously available at your primary home, and your vacation home(s).

    In a business environment, your numbers and lines can be shared across your main office, home office, remote workers, branches, etc.

    Your numbers and lines can even be configured on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android soft phone apps.

    Find Me / Follow Me (Simultaneous Ring)

    Find Me / Follow Me (aka Simultaneous Ring) rings another number, such as your cell phone, at the same time as your primary number.

    Now you can give out 1 number, so family, friends and clients don't have to dial around trying to locate you. And you can answer calls on your main phone or cell phone, whichever is more convenient.

    The voiSip LynxVox PBX has an advanced version of Find Me / Follow Me that allows you to configure multiple numbers and extensions to ring.  These can be local extensions, remote extensions, or even outside numbers such as cell phones and land lines.


    Send fax documents from the "My Features" control panel, using any web browser, anywhere in the world.

    SendFax is a free feature, included with voiSip calling plans.

    eFax (available for an additional fee) provides a dedicated fax number for incoming faxes.

    eFax received faxes on our servers, converts the fax to a .PDF document, and delivers it to your email inbox.

    Note: voiSip does not recommend or support using a voiSip line with a traditional, analog fax machine. 

    Selective Call Routing

    Call Routing allows you to route specific callers directly to an outside line, to voicemail, to a busy signal, or even to a "number disconnected" message.  

    So you can send VIP calls to your cell phone, and lose that annoying stalker.

    Call Failover

    In the event of a power or internet outage in your office, voiSip will automatically forward calls to your voicemail, or to an outside line such as a cell phone or backup land line.

    Online Call History

    Online Call History provides detailed Caller ID information, plus Time, Date, and Duration, for every call made to or from your voiSip number.

    Nationwide Calling Area

    All calls in the continental US and Canada are considered "local" calls, up to your voiSip plan limits.

    Example, with a 2000 minute plan, you can make and receive up to 2000 minutes (33.3 hours) of calls, anywhere in the calling area.

    Call next door, or across the country.

    Unlimited SIP to SIP Calling

    voiSip supports Unlimited SIP to SIP calling.  SIP addresses look and operate much like an email address.  Calls between SIP addresses never touch the old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and are not metered. 

    Note: SIP Calling is made easier by using Call Routing in "My Features" control panel, or soft phone software capable of SIP Address Dialing.

    Unlimited voiSip to voiSip Calling

    voiSip supports Unlimited voiSip to voiSip calling. 

    Calls between voiSip numbers use SIP to SIP Calling just by dialing the 10 digit number.  So there is no need to dial the entire SIP Address.  

    As a result, calls between voiSip numbers never touch the old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and are not metered. 

    Note: Requires that call is dialed directly to a voiSip Number, not routed, forwarded or otherwise handled by an outside PSTN network.

    Unlimited Video Calling

    Finally, video calling that doesn't require outrageously expensive equipment and service.  Utilize FREE Soft Phone software (Webcam required) to make video calls to other voiSip customers, or even customers on compatible services.  Or try one of the new desktop video phones that makes regular voice calls as well as video calls.

    Advanced "My Features" Control Panel 

    Take control of your voiSip line. Access your Call History, Forwarding, Failover, Telemarketer Blocking, SendFAX, 911 Address and more... right from the voiSip website.

    Caller ID

    Incoming caller identification and number information will be passed to display on your phone equipment.

    Note: Requires compatible phones or equipment, please refer to your equipment documentation.

    Call Waiting w/ ID

    If a 2nd call comes in while you are in a 1st call, press the FLASH key on your phone to "switch over" between callers.

    Incoming caller identification and number information will be passed to display on your phone equipment.

    Note: Requires compatible phones or equipment, please refer to your equipment documentation.

    Three Way Calling

    While in a call, press FLASH to place call on hold and receive a new dial tone.

    Dial out to establish the additional call, then press FLASH to combine all callers into a three way conversation.

    Call Forwarding

    Use Star Codes or logon to the "My Features" control panel to forward calls to another number.

    Call Blocking

    Use Star Codes or logon to the "My Features" control panel to block calls, or route them to Busy Signal or "Line Disconnected".

    Call Routing

    Use Star Codes or logon to the "My Features" control panel to setup calls routes based on Caller ID info.

    Route calls to another number, voicemail, busy signal or "Line Disconnected" message.

    Do Not Disturb

    Use Star Codes or logon to the "My Features" control panel to toggle Do Not Disturb mode.

    Speed Dialing

    Logon to the "My Features" control panel to preset speed dial numbers, accessible from any standard phone.

    Distinctive Ring

    Virtual Local Number and Toll Free Numbers can have a different ring tone.

    Note: Requires phones that support the distinctive ring feature.

    911 Emergency Service

    Dial 911 for Emergency Operator.

    Note: You MUST setup your default e911 Address in the "My Features" control panel.  If you need help verifying or modifying this address, don't hesitate to contact voiSip Support.

    711 Deaf and Blind Relay Service

    Dial 711 to use the Deaf and Blind Relay Service.

    Note: This service is provided by a 3rd party, not affiliated with voiSip.

    411 Directory Information Service

    Dial 411 to use 411 Directory Assistance.

    Note: This feature is provided by a 3rd party information service.

    7, 10, 11 Digit Dialing

    Dial 7, 10 or 11 digits to place your call.

    When calling other numbers within your area code, you may dial 7 digits, even if the numbers used to be long distance.

    When calling numbers in different area codes, you can dial 10 or 11 digits... the 1 is optional.

    Additional Star * Code Features

    *20 - Call Forwarding (Include destination number, ex. *205551112222)

    *21 - Disable Call Forwarding

    *22 - Do Not Disturb, Send to Busy

    *23 - Do Not Disturb, Send to Voicemail

    *24 - Disable Do Not Disturb

    *25 - Set Failover Number (Include destination number, ex. *205551112222)

    *26 - Set Failover to Voicemail

    *27 - Blacklist Last Caller

    *30 - Block Outbound Caller ID (All Calls)

    *31 - Unblock Outbound Caller ID (All Calls)

    *67 - Block Outbound Caller ID (One Call)

    *68 - Unblock Outbound Caller ID (One Call)

    *69 - Call Return

    NOTE: Some star code features may be preempted by your phone equipment, which may have star codes of its own.

    End of FAQ

    Section 4: Orders, Payments, Phone Numbers and Porting

    How do I order voiSip?

    To get started, count how many numbers you currently have.  Then estimate your monthly call volume, across all numbers.

    voiSip voice plan for your primary voice number.  Just select one plan higher than estimated, since you'll likely call more with voiSip.

    Add 1 voiSip Cloud Number for each of your old rollover numbers, in case customers call them.  You can drop them later if not used.

    Add 1 voiSip Cloud Fax Number if you need fax capability.

    Add 1 voiSip Toll Free Number if you need to offer toll free calling to your clients.

    Add any desired equipment, such as IP phones and/or a phone system (cloud or pbx).

    Check out with a major US issued credit card.

    Immediately check your inbox and spam folder.  Be sure to "unblock" our email address to prevent accidental spam filtering.

    What are my payment options?

    We accept major US issued credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

    Checks are accepted only for orders larger than $500, and must clear the bank before order is released.

    In order to keep costs low, recurring service payments are by automatic credit card payment only.  

    We do not accept any other forms of payment for monthly service, such as checks, paypal, etc.

    How can I test voiSip?

    Yes.  Just sign up for one of our smallest, 2 line, 125 minute, "mini" plans for $5.99/mo. 

    There's no contract or cancellation fee, so test it for a few weeks, months, or as long as you need.

    It has all the same great features as our larger plans.  So you can test thoroughly with your network and devices.

    Once you see how well it works, you can upgrade to a larger plan, and port existing numbers if you like.

    Can I get a discount if I prepay?

    Yes, we offer 3, 6 and 12 month prepayment discounts.

    Prepayments are non-refundable.  So we suggest starting with month to month billing, then switch to prepay later.

    How do I port/transfer my existing phone number(s) to voiSip?

    During the order process, be sure to select the radio button indicating you want to transfer your number.

    Shortly after your order has been reviewed by an agent, you will receive blank porting documents via email.

    Fill out and return the documents, along with a signed copy of your most recent phone bill.

    This will authorize us to begin porting the number.

    We'll go ahead and setup the number on our network, so you can program your equipent, and even make outbound calls right away.

    Your inbound calls will instantly change over to voiSip on the porting date, with no downtime.

    How long does it take to port/transfer a phone number?

    Porting dates are set by the "losing" provider, so it depends on how quickly they process the request.

    Typically, porting takes anywhere from 3 to 30+ days, with 10 to 15 days being fairly typical.

    To avoid delays, try to print neatly when filling out the porting documents.  Don't give losing provder any excuses to delay.

    How quickly can I get a new phone number?

    Activation in major tier 1 areas (about 90% of US) can take a few minutes, up to a couple of business hours.

    Activation in smaller tier 2 areas (about 8% of the US) may take from 1 or 2 hours, up to 1 business day.

    Activation in very rural tier 3 areas (about 2% of the US) takes 1 to 30 days, and in some cases is not possible at all.

    Can I get a Fax Number?

    Yes. voiSip offers very affodable Cloud Fax plans, which send and receive faxes as PDF files via email.

    You can fax from any device that supports email, and attachments.  

    You can send PDF files directly from apps like Word, or your web browser.  Or you can use a scanner for hand written pages.

    Many clients fax from their smart phones, by taking a photo of the page, saving as a PDF, then faxing via email.

    Can I get a Toll Free Number?

    Yes. voiSip also offers Toll Free Numbers, which have their own minute plans, and sit on top of your local number.  

    Inbound toll free calls draw from the separate pool of minutes, and do not affect your regular minute pool.

    Toll Free Numbers are inbound only.  So you'll need a regular (local) voice number for outbound calls, or for forwarding.

    Can I get additional numbers in another city or state?

    Yes. voiSip offers Cloud Numbers, which are simply extra inbound numbers.  

    These are very low cost numbers that share minutes with your main number, but allow you to project a larger image.  Example, maybe your office is on the west coast, but you want additional numbers in Chicago, New York and Miami.

    Cloud Numbers can also be used for direct inward dialing (DID), such as routing to a particular menu, extension, or ring group on a pbx phone system.

    What if my credit card is rejected?

    When you sign up, be sure to use the same address listed on the credit card, or it will fail the security verification.

    Example, if you have a business address, but you are using a personal credit card, sign up using your personal billing address.

    If the transaction is rejected, no money will change hands, though a charge may show as "pending" before expiring after a few days.

    To resolve, just go back to your payment details and try again with the exact, matching address.

    Note that if you are using a debit card, rather than a credit card, your bank temporarily reduces your available balance after a failed transaction.

    end of faq

    Section 5: Compare voiSip vs competition

    voiSip versus local telco, cable, and other VoIP services.
      voiSip Telco Cable Jack Uma Uma+ Von Hosted
    Federal Taxes & Recovery Fees $0 $$$ $$$ $ $$ $$ $$$ $$$
    Transfer Your Number IN $0 ? ? $20+10/yr $40 $40 ? ?
    Transfer Your Number OUT $0 ? ?  $30 ? ? ? ?
    911 Service greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck
    No PC Required greencheck greencheck greencheck ? greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck
    BRANCH LINES (1 Number, Multiple Locations) greencheck              
    CLONE LINES (1 Number, Multiple Lines) greencheck              
    Instantly Upgradeable, up to 96 Lines greencheck              
    Find Me / Follow Me (Simultaneous Ring) greencheck         greencheck greencheck   
    FREE Web-based SendFAX greencheck              
    FREE PC & Mobile Soft Phone  greencheck     greencheck        
    Use Standard Phones greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck  
    Use Home Wall Jacks greencheck greencheck ? ? ? ? ?  
    Use Digital IP Phones greencheck             greencheck
    Use IP PBX Phone Systems greencheck              
    Use Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix, Trixbox  greencheck              
    Use IP Video Phones greencheck              
    Use 3rd Party VoIP Equipment greencheck              
    Voicemail greencheck     greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck
    Voicemail to Email Audio Attachments greencheck     greencheck   greencheck greencheck greencheck
    Voicemail TXT Notifications greencheck         greencheck greencheck  
    Detailed Online Call History greencheck     greencheck     greencheck greencheck
    HD Wideband Audio greencheck              
    Three Way Calling greencheck         greencheck greencheck greencheck
    Nationwide Local Calling Area greencheck     X (link) greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck
    Unlimited Customer to Customer Calls greencheck     greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck greencheck
    Unlimited SIP to SIP Calls (even 3rd party) greencheck              
    FREE International Calling (Limited) greencheck           ?  
    Failover to Voicemail or Cellular greencheck           greencheck  
    $4.99/mo Toll Free Numbers greencheck              
    $4.99/mo eFax Numbers greencheck              
    $99/yr Web Sites greencheck              

    Section 6: voiSip Possibilities Diagram...

    voiSip Diagram

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