voiSip Add-on Services

voiSip also offers Virtual Fax, Toll Free Numbers and Cloud Numbers.

Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax requires no equipment and provides a dedicated fax number for sending and receiving faxes via email.  

Inbound faxes are forwarded to your email inbox as .PDF files.  You can then print, forward, archive or delete the file as you like.  You can also use free tools such as Nitro PDF Reader to sign or notate .PDF documents.  

Outbound faxes are sent by email.  Attach a PDF file to an email and send it to a special email address that designates the fax number you are sending to.

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Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers forward inbound calls to your primary voiSip phone number (required), allowing you to provide an easy way for your customers around the country to contact you.  We have a large inventory of numbers available for immediate activation.  

If you want a "vanity" number that spells something, take a look at www.tollfreenumbers.com.  They have thousands of toll free numbers available for purchase, starting around $50.  We can usually transfer these numbers to voiSip in 1 to 5 business days.

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Cloud Numbers

Cloud Numbers are another way to provide convenient numbers for distant callers.  

You can keep a Cloud Number in your home town, so friends and family can still call you on a number that is "local" to them.  Or extend your company's image by having numbers on the East and West Coast.  Or if you're in a suburban or rural area that is normally a toll call from the nearby city, simply get a Cloud Number in that city.  

Cloud Numbers forward calls to your primary voiSip number, and share the minute pool with your primary number.  So they cost less than Toll Free Numbers, which require their own toll free minute pool.

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