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My Features password and login issues

Microsoft Internet Explorer often fails our secure login. Use any other browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.

If you get a blank login page. Try removing the S from HTTPS in the browser address line.  Example: use instead of 

Each voiSip number on your account has a different My Features username and password.

My Features usernames and passwords are also different from your My Account username and password.

If you copy and paste your password, do not accidentally highlight and copy any extra SPACES or the login will fail.

If you need to reset a My Features password, please open a Support Ticket.


Set your remote access PIN number, number of rings, email delivery address and TXT alert address.

Contact your mobile provider to obtain your full SMS address... hint: it looks like an email address.

You may also view, delete, move or download messages from your inbox.

Simultaneous Ring (aka Find Me / Follow Me)

Choose from "Ring All" or "Ring In Order".

Be sure to set your Primary Number to ring more than 0 seconds or only the external numbers will ring.

One ring is about 5 seconds, so for 4 rings, set 20 seconds.

Incoming calls forwarded back out to an outside (non-voiSip) line count as 2 calls and use double bandwidth.

Call Routing

Route inbound or outbound calls to alternate destinations, busy signal or disconnected message.

For incoming route, choose a Route Type (usually a Phone Number, but also a Group or Contact), then set an Action (Forward, Voicemail, Busy, Disconnected, etc).

For outgoing routes, enter a Phone Number, then an Action (Forward, Busy, Disconnected, etc).

Call History

View, sort and search your incoming and outbound calls, with Number, Time, Date and Duration information.

You can also download the data in spreadsheet format for advanced sorting and analysis.


In the event of a power or internet outage, your calls can automatically "failover" to voicemail, or another number.


You can take your voiSip number with you when you move, anywhere in the world.

So make sure emergency services know where you are when you dial 911.

Always remember to update your 911 address information as needed.


Fax documents right from your browser... (Firefox and Chrome recommended).

You can send fax documents from your voiSip Voice Number.

For incoming faxes, we suggest a separate, dedicated eFAX Number.


eFAX Numbers have their own My Features username and password.

Sending faxes with eFAX is done in the same way as SendFAX.

To receive faxes, enter an email address to which you would like incoming faxes delivered.

They will be delivered in PDF format, so make sure you have a PDF reader.

You can use the ever popular Adobe Reader, but we prefer Nitro Reader.